Amateur Radio

These are the adventures of N5STT. Here you’ll find some of my recent experiments with ham radio.

I’ve been fascinated by radio and electronics since I was a kid, and my curiosity continued to grow with time. I decided to study and do the tests after seeing a picture of a friend playing with an HF radio.

My shack is also my studio, I come here to work on my research and listen to some QSOs. I love chasing DX, so if I can hear a DX station I’ll likely try to work it. Sometimes I go to the UT Austin N5XU club and make DX contacts using that callsign. I’m actually the president of the club since January 2018.
My home station consists of a Yaesu FT-450D, an external tuner and an homebrew OCF dipole that I’m still experimenting with. I’ve designed it to work on 80-40-20-15-10 meters, but most of 80 and 40 require the external tuner while I get 30 and 6 meters as unexpected bonuses. This taught me not to rely too much on antenna modeling software!

I also built a computer-radio audio interface for the digital modes. You may find me sometimes playing with them, but I enjoy chasing DX the most. I’m also trying to learn CW, I’m sure one day I’ll finally make it! I attended the awesome CW Academy class in 2017, but that learning process was interrupted by a couple of events that set me back for a while. I’m currently going through all the class material again.

I like to experiment with propagation, so you may find me on WSPR. I really enjoy testing how far my signal is heard with low power (usually 1W).