Stefano Nerozzi

Stefano Nerozzi

Hi! I am a PhD candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. Here you can find some of the latest news on my research and my hobbies, such as amateur radio.
My PhD research project involves studying the north polar region of Mars with orbital radar, high-resolution imagery and General Circulation Models (GCMs).
Amateur Radio
These are the adventures of N5STT. Here you'll find some of my recent experiments with ham radio.
About me
I'm a geologist from Bologna, Italy. I landed in Austin TX in 2012 as an exchange student during my Master's, and I've been studying geology at the University of Texas since then.
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A little surprise on 15 meters: the bands are open!

Last weekend I was chatting with Michael W5MSC on 15 meters just for fun. I was operating at home while he used the radios at N5XU, just a few kilometers south of me. I proposed 15 meters because I thought it was closed, the spotting network had spots only on 20 meters and lower. The time was around 3pm, maybe a little later.

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UTIG posted a student profile about me!

Jessica Hall at the UT Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) interviewed me about my research work, a recent award and some future plans. You can find a summary on my UTIG student profile (link).

Last November I was awarded an Endowed Presidential Scholarship, thanks to my awesome advisor Jack Holt who recommended me. For additional information on what I do, you may find my recently published paper on the lowermost NPLD evolution of interest.